For Scale

The 'Help 4 All' Wellbeing and Sustainability initiative needs a permanent base.

On an interim basis, it is able to launch from existing facilities.

These are rented, and able to provide for an initial Launch team.

As a part of a wider Legacy initiative, more scope is needed.

For the intended full Derek Whittall Legacy services, another option exists.

They are at an undeveloped location controlled by the project-Founder.

Although well-suited by size and location, commencement would be from Planning onward.

Needed are all related skills and resources from onset on-wards.

Their focus could be from a modest purpose-development to a Global HQ.

Interest is invited from those able to Contribute.

Project Background can be accessed via:

The Founder: 'Derek Whittall'

Promotions: 'Help 4 All'

Expert Output: 'The Consultancies'

Wider Background: 'To Research'