Headquarter Provisions

In progress are the foundational arrangements for an invaluable new service.

To-date all have been undertaken from private settings.

On stand-by are commercial facilities adequate for the next phases.

Once the working prototype is marketplace-tested and refined as necessary...

The next phases will focus on rollout to a significant level.

Priority then will be to address the needs of delivery to Scale.

Clearly, these advancing phases can be undertaken from a range of settings...

Existing commercial sites could serve and enable viable progress, but...

They are far from being in keeping with the ethos of the project.

A significant site that is the sole responsibility the Founder is an alternative.

Although not immediately obvious, it offers many ideal HQ-type potentials.

More so, as the pilot site of a wider Sustainability application for rollout.

As a pilot for this wider innovation, it could be replicated across the UK.

Similarly, in a joint role, globally, as National HQ facilities also.


An inital Introduction can be found at 'Derek Whittall.com'.